YoungCapital NK Big Air Kitesurfing

The best kitesurfers from the Netherlands fight to become the Dutch Champion of Big Air


Why a championship?

The YoungCapital NK Big Air is organized to celebrate the skills and creativity of kite surfers, and to provide a platform where they can push their limits. The event attracts the best kite surfers from the Netherlands, offering them the opportunity to shine and share their passion for the sport with the public. It encourages the growth of the kite surfing community and inspires others to join this extreme water sport.
Stijn Mul
The Best Dutch Men
The Best Dutch Women
Evan Klijn


When does it take place?

The YoungCapital NK Big Air kite surfing takes place between the 15th of August and the 31st of Oktober, when the wind conditions are optimal. Kite surfers from all over the country gather at a location with the best wind conditions. It’s a time of excitement and competition, where participants showcase their skills and compete for the title of national champion.


How do you become Dutch Champion?

To become the YoungCapital Dutch Champion in Big Air kitesurfing, it requires a combination of technical skills, courage, and creativity. You must be able to perform impressive jumps and tricks, combining height, style, and control.
Elsien & Gretha Zijlstra
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